the ultimate and fastest way to track,
analyze your competition and
improve your business with this data!

quoteit is like google analytics for competitive intelligence.
- CEO of a NYC based PR firm
quoteThese guys are like the CIA: They are the Competitor Intelligence Agency.
- Silicon Valley VC
quoteWant to stay ahead of the game? Simply use Competelytics.
- Founder of a global eCommerce startup

How it works

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    Did you ever wonder

    did you ever wonder about your competitors "secret sauce" on website improvements and conversions? Did you ever miss out this new key employee or client your competitor got? Then Competelytics is for you!

  • Setting things up

    Setting things up is easy: you provide us with some basic data of your competition (website-, facebook-, LinkedIn- and twitter- URL) and we inform you about the most important changes. Including optimized / changed landing- & webpages.

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    You can also benchmark yourself

    We even provide you a slick and very informative benchmarking opportunity that shows you if you are ahead or behind your competition. Sign up and try it out!

    Want to know more?

    We provide a analytical research and intelligence software, helping you to understand your competition better. These reports and SWOT analysis help you to understand your industry and improve your business.